Selling a Home During a Separation or Divorce

December 18, 2011 - Updated: January 25, 2012


  • This is a very traumatic time for both parties.
  • This usually creates chaos, uncertainty and a lot of upheaval in the home.
  • Usually  the matrimonial home is the single most valuable asset that has to be sold.
  • Getting the most amount of money for both parties is top priority.
  • Most people think because the owner is getting divorced they have to sell for any amount, actuality, the opposite is true.  The house has to be sold for the most amount of money because the proceeds are being split between the husband and wife.
  • It should not be divulged to anyone why the house is being sold.    It is recommended not to remove all of a spouse’s clothing from the closets and also not  to remove family pictures from the walls while selling the house so buyers don’t know or cannot guess why the people are selling.
  • It is essential to keep both spouses informed with what has to be done to facilitate the sale of the home.
  • In some situations, where both parties are comfortable with their sales representative,   they each can hire the same representative to find them a new home.  However, sometimes, depending on the couple’s relationship at the time, this is not possible and they feel they should have separate representation.  
  • When children are involved not only are they being  uprooted from their home, but they know this move means their lives will change forever. They will no longer be living with their two parents under the same roof. You want a real estate representative who is sympathetic to what is going on and understands the sale has to be expedited as quickly as possible for the most amount of money with the minimal amount of inconvenience to the family.
  • You want a real estate agent who has been involved in this type of situation before in order to help both parties move forward towards a new beginning!  You want somebody like Steve Gerlock.  Steve is a full time real estate broker who has worked for the same broker for the past 31 years!  He works with his wife Sheila and his full time associate Leslie Tokayer.  They can be reached through their office at 416.229.4454 or Steve can be reached directly at 416.399.2734  For references visit their web site at



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